The island of knowledge were the students can access to different subjects books.

Everyday Indian newspapers are avalable in Tamil and English. A comfortable reading room is at students disposal to read library material in silence and relax.

Opening hours: from 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on all working days.

Students can borrow the book bringing their LIBRARY CARD and ID card, they will be registered and the due date will be communicated.


1.    The Library is the island of knowledge which develops the power of the mind and hence the college encourages maximum use of the library. It is kept open from 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on all working days.
2.   U.G. Students are given 7 days and P.G. Students 15 days for borrowing subject and general books.
3.   Books should be returned on the due date and the registry note must be clearing both borrowing and returning the books.
4.   Students should sign, before and after entry in the register note.
5.   The borrower his/herself should bring the books to return to the library. Sub-lending of books is forbidden. The student who sub-lends the books and the student who borrows it, both of them will be subjected to disciplinary action.
6.   Students who came to library should bring their ID card.
7.   If a book is lost or not returned in good condition, replacement of the same book is obligatory.
8.   An over-due fine of 1 Rupee per day is collected for books returned after the due date. 9.   Students are not allowed to keep the library books during semester and Christmas Holidays. They should return the books immediately after their Semester Examination.
10.   Personal belongings such as bags, tiffin boxes and other books should not be taken inside the Library.
11.   Students are strictly forbidden either to underline or mark on the Library Books. Folding the corners of pages is not allowed. 12.   Check the pages of the book(s) before leaving the library counter. The last borrower will be held responsible for the missing page, scribbling, underlining and other damages in the book.
13.   Students should bring the library card for both taking and returning the books.
14.   Books removed from the library book shelves should be left on the reading table. Absolute silence shall be maintained inside the library and combined study, discussions as well as consultations are strictly prohibited.