AISS is a social place and for a harmonic life together there are some rules to be followed. Any violation of these rules will result in dismissal / suspension from the college. It's strictly forbidden:

  • Ragging of any kind and any magnitude inside or outside the campus.
  • Use of mobiles inside class or corridors and in working hours.
  • Any kind of wild noisy and disturbing behaviour during class hours or celebrations in the campus.
  • Smoking, possession or use of drugs, alcohol or peddling drugs in the campus or anywhere else.
  • Taking tuition from the teachers of our college without written permission from the Principal.
  • Any kind of misconduct/misbehaviour inside/outside the campus (in public places, buses, trains, etc.) or detection of foot-board travel, blocking the traffic, unruly behaviour in buses/trains or any kind of annoyance to the public will also result in the immediate withdrawal/permanent cancellation of all student travel concessions and the scholarships.
  • Malpractices such cheating, bribing, gambling, copying in tests and exams, giving false declarations, spreading rumours/writing/printing/disturbing/displaying unauthorized notices of any kind, etc. in the campus or anywhere else.Inviting/meeting strange or unauthorized persons inside the campus without written permission from the Principal.
  • Causing damage to college/public property.

AISS staff is helping students to foster their personality development because it enables people to create a good impression about themselves on others; it helps them to build and develop relationships, helps in your career growth and also helps to improve your financial needs.